Live Looping

Recently I’ve started using a lot of “live looping” on stage. At the end of my pedal chain I have a Boss RC-30 pedal that records and plays back anything I play. This allows me to build a more full sound on solo sets. When you are playing solo the first thing you miss is the drummer. Often I will use this to add a drum beat behind songs and sometimes a lead line or subtle rhythm. You can check out a few examples below.

From the Inside Out (Live Loop)

Mighty to Save (Live Loop)


Catalyst @ Church of the Saviour


Easter @ Mayfield

Easter is always one of the highlights of the year. It was a packed house and the energy in the room was incredible as hundreds of people celebrated the gospel together with loud voices.


Catalyst @ Church of the Saviour

Here are a couple of songs from a recent set at Catalyst. These guys are incredible musicians and playing with them is always a blast.


Converge @ First Baptist

Closer from Converge on January 13th. The energy in this room was incredible. You had to be there. And if you weren’t why not? Check us out!


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